testimonials references and referrals for freelancers

Client Testimonials, References, and Recommendations for Freelancers

Positive client recommendations are vital to any small business. As a freelance writer, my main methods of promoting my services and getting new clients are:

• word of mouth
• social media

Client testimonials, references and recommendations are critical to attract new clients. Both of these methods depend on clients writing down their feedback about my work, and my ability to share this feedback. Most potential clients do online research before ever contacting me, so it is vital that I share positive client feedback and make it easy for potential clients to see what has been said about my services.

The two primary sources of my client recommendations are:

1.  My website: I have several client recommendations prominently displayed on hireCatherine.com
2.  LinkedIn: my LinkedIn profile has recommendations from clients who are also LinkedIn members
3.  Elance: I use Elance as a source of freelance work, and my Elance profile contains feedback on jobs I have completed

It’s not very likely or efficient to expect a potential client to track down and review multiple sources of client recommendations, so I created a Pinterest board will my client recommendations. This was very simple to create and is easy to maintain as new  recommendations come in. I already had a Pinterest account, so this was very quick and easy to do

5 Easy Steps for Sharing Your Client Feedback

1.  Create a board called Testimonials, References and Recommendations
2.  Take a screen shot of each client recommendation you get: in addition to recommendations on LinkedIn and Elance, this could also be

• comments on Facebook or Google +
• posts on Twitter
• comments in blogs

3.  Crop, edit and save the image as needed: I usually use Paint, PicMonkey or Pixlr but any photo editor will work.
4.  Upload each recommendation image to your Pinterest board, and add comments and links to the client site as need.
5.  Share your testimonial board: I have links to my Pinterest testimonial board on

• my website: I have several client recommendations prominently displayed on hireCatherine.com
• Facebook page: in the hireCatherine About section under Awards I have a link to my Pinterest board
• G+ page: on my Profile About Links section I have a link to my Pinterest board

How do you get and share client recommendations for your small business? I’d love to hear your ideas and suggestions!

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