Bing search for Starbucks

Bing Search for Starbucks

As a freelance writer I spend much of my day online searching on topics in which I have no personal interest:

• how to find a college internship
• storing infant medical records
• selling original artwork online
• private equity firms
• antique shopping tours in Europe
• qualifications for trained security staff
• resources for working mothers
• career and job search tips
• choosing a lifestyle coach

All over the board, right! For years Google was my best friend. And then last fall I attended a conference. I was actually working for a client at SMX Expo NYC, and when the attendees were in session, those of us working the booths tend to talk to each other, check out the competitors, test new software, etc. I started a 3 day conversation with a guy in the booth next door, and he was just so thrilled to be out of the office for a few days, and in NYC, that he could not stop talking!

And in the course of our chats, he mentioned his Bing money. Bing money? At first I didn’t click on what he was saying, then he said the magic word: Starbucks.

He buys Starbucks with his Bing money.

So I demanded details, and here is what I learned:
You can accrue rewards every time you do a search on Bing, and those rewards can be redeemed for gifts, including Starbucks gift cards. Have I mentioned tall chai skim latte, extra pump, extra hot, extra water: with a straw today? I’m an addict. And as a freelance writer I work from home a lot of the time, or at Starbucks!

Here’s how you can use Bing to search for Starbucks:Bing search for Starbucks

1.  go to and open an account. I linked my account to my Google email address, Bing has several options to open an account.
2.  set Bing as your default search engine
3.  each time you perform a search on Bing, your search credits will increase
4.  Bing has opportunities to earn bonus awards, such as conducting XX many searches in 1 day, sharing Bing/rewards with friends, and other incentives
5.  Look at the menu Here is where the rewards, and the number of credits required to redeem each reward, is listed. You can set a reward credit goal; rewards include Amazon, MicroSoft, Burger King, Fandango, Sephora, Groupon, Dominos, Red Envelope, and more.

You can also redeem credits for charity: your Bing credits can be redeemed as contributions to charities including Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Kids in Need Foundation, or your local school.

*note: rewards change, but there is always a good variety.

Me? I just search on Bing, and when my credits get over 1000, I redeem a couple of Starbucks gift cards. I love that Bing pays me to search!

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