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Repurpose Your Content for a New Audience

As a freelance content writer some of my clients also have me repurpose ‘old’ content for new channels. Many of the blogs I write for clients can be repurposed: modified and adapted and rewritten into fresh original content. To delivery quality, engaging information the content must be original and relevant to their target market: information that they want to know, but that hasn’t already been published 1000 times.

Repurposing your content is often assumed to mean recycling content only within your sites: but a small business may want to repurpose their content

  • for posting on other sites as a guest contributor or blogger
  • as a Q and A article or a guest podcast
  • as a Subject Matter Expert for an interview

There are many benefits for repurposing your content on other sites:

  • introduce yourself to new audiences: offer to post on a site with a target market similar to yours but with a larger audience
  • expand your brand and influence by attracting new followers to your network
  • SEO linkbacks to your original content

Repurposing your content is a smart and strategic way to build your audience and share important information about your business.

This infographic from EveryPost shares 50 Ways to Repurpose Content which

50 Creative Ways To Repurpose Your Content (Infographic)


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