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5 Words Content Marketers Need to Retire

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Content marketers struggle to find words that will capture the attention of an audience with a notoriously short attention span, and get readers to take action. Writing social media headlines that deliver a memorable message in very few words means every word has to be carefully chosen. Once a word proves to deliver attention and action, that word is used over and over again. And re-used, recycled and repeated.

Here are 5 words I see in social media headlines every day that need to be retired:






content marketing buzzwords

On their own, there is nothing wrong with any of these words: they each deliver a clear message. But the fact that they’re used too frequently makes them ineffective. If I was making a top 10 list of content marketing buzzwords to retire I’d add:



rock star   



To be fair, these words are used by marketers in many different fields: some are in my work inbox, screaming at me to read their latest killer blog, make me a rock star marketer, or sign up for the latest newsletter by a social media guru. Others are in my personal email, begging me to save 40% on awesome summer clothes, read lifechanging parenting hacks or watch a viral video.

Do I use those words in my work or personal life? Of course  I do (although I think I never use the word killer to describe something good, and just last week I succumbed and used hack on a client’s blog).

So what does this mean? As professional writers and marketers we need to work harder to find words to grab attention and not get lazy and rely on buzzwords to send a message.

What totally awesome words have gone so viral that you want to drive them from your inbox?


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