2 ways to UNsend emails

It’s not too late: UNsend that email!

Have you experienced that dreaded feeling the minute you hit ‘send’? Maybe you just remembered a critical fact, accidentally copied the wrong person or realized venting on email may not be a good decision – but it’s too late – your email has been sent!

I have great news: I’ts not too late, you can UNsend your email.

Here are 2 ways I discovered to unsend email

1. Doug Aamonth, Time Tech Editor, tells you how to unsend a Gmail in this 30 second video:

You have 10 seconds to undo the sendification  of a gmail (that’s a Doug word):

1. Go to your Gmail account
2. Click the gear icon in the top RH corner
3. Choose Settings
4. Under Labs tabs
5. Find the Undo Send
6. Click Enable
7. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Save

unsend gmails

2.  Pluto Mail is a free email service that enables users to unsend, edit, and auto-expire sent emails

Pluto mail unsends emails

With Pluto Mail you can use your existing email client (e.g., Gmail, iOS Mail.app, Apple Mail, Outlook, Android Mail, etc.) and address to unsend emails. Pluto also allows senders to view when emails are opened. Pluto helps users reduce their online footprint, avoid email disasters, and have fun with time-limited emails. Created by law students,

Pluto requires no downloads or plugins for either the sender or recipient. Pluto’s features include:

1. Unsend emails

You can unsend Pluto emails at anytime.  Note: Unsending and expiration does not get rid of the email subject – only the email body and all attachments.

2. View when the recipient has opened your email

Pluto will tell you when each recipient has opened the email.

3. Edit emails

You can edit an email at any time before it has been opened.

4. Set emails to auto-expire

You can specify that all your emails are to expire within a certain time period in Settings.

 Pluto Mail currently has a wait list: join the Pluto Mail waitlist here.

Since we’re talking about email, here’s a great article on why email will never die: the author calls email “the cockroach of the internet”:

Email Is Still the Best Thing on the Internet by , The Atlantic

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