what does ping me mean?

Ping Me! Do you wonder where that phrase comes from?

Recently an online colleague requested: Ping Me when that post is live!

Do you know what it means to ping someone?

Ping: to contact someone online directly or indirectly

Ping me is a request to be notified or contacted about an online event. Common pings include:

  • email when a blog post goes live
  • a new instant message tone
  • an appointment reminder pop-up
  • Facebook poke or private messages
  • a Twitter mention
  • a text bell
  • Google Alert

Originally a technical term, ping me stems from submarines: sending pings is a way submarines detect distance from objects. Pinging is also used to evaluate network speed and determine how fast data is sent: you send a ping to a server and when it returns you can calculate the time it takes to send and return data. 

Ping me is pretty outdated, try:
  • hit me up, or hit me
  • buzz me
  • call me
  • text me

I verified this with a 22, 18 and 14 year old ;)

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