Optimize Your Hover Card

How to Optimize Your Google Plus Hover Cards

If you’re on Google Plus its critical to strategically complete your G+ About information.

Your image is the first thing viewers see on your Google Plus page. Whether you have a G+ personal profile or a G+ business page the information you enter in the About sections of your profile are critical information that is shown to viewers. Your Google Plus Hover Card is the image that pops-up when a user arrows over your name on a G+ post. When someone is looking at your hover card, they can see how many followers you have in common and have the option to follow you right from your hover card!

Here is my G+ Hover Card. When someone arrows over my name on one of my Google Plus posts, a mini-business card pops up and shows my image and some information from my About section.

Catherine Russell Google Plus Hover Card

My Hover Card displays my Google Plus:

  • Name
  • Website
  • Tagline
  • Employer
  • Places

Bring up your G+ Hover Card: does it display the information you want to share with your viewers? When your G+ profile is found on Google and other SERP, your Google Plus About section displays in the snippet:

Catherine Russell Google Plus Google snippet

My Google snippet information comes from my G+:

  • Tagline
  • Occupation
  • Employment
  • Places

To the best of my knowledge you CANNOT customize which G+ fields display on your Hover Card or SERP.

5 Tips to Optimize Your Google + Hover Card

1. Complete your About sections

Carefully fill out your G+ About sections, using keywords or important information that you want your viewers to know about you. Tagline, Occupations, Website, Employment, and Places sections are displayed on Hover Cards and SERPs.

 Catherine Russell Google Plus About

2. Be creative in your text entries!

Don’t just state basic facts, unless you are in a field where humor and personal details are not appreciated. For example, we move too frequently and I work too much, so I had a bit of fun in my About info:

  • Tagline: 24/7/365: just trying to keep up #alwayslearning
  • Places: NYC, Chicago and SoFlo… it’s complicated

If you look above at my Hovercard and SERP, you see what is displayed: I can change my info at any time to highlight new accomplishments or info I want to share. I need to update my Places to say:

NYC, Chicago & SoFlo: it’s complicated

(Why haven’t I updated my About? Classic shoemaker problem: I’m too busy working clients’ social media to actually fix my own!)

For example, I could make these changes for a bit more self-promotion:

  • Tagline: New monthly contributor to blog.checkli.com/
  • Places: Working from Starbucks worldwide

3.  Use sections to meet your needs

If Employer isn’t relevant to your business, but you have key information you want viewers to see, use the Employer section to deliver your message:

  • Employer: Social Media Consultant and Audits

4. Look at hover cards for sites you follow

The best way to find smart social media strategies is to see what the experts are doing. I’m a fan of Mike Allton, so I checked out his G+ hover card. His lines are all short and simple, no dangling…  I’m also a fan of Neal Schaffer, and his hover card like mine has danglers!

5. What do your images convey?

Your profile image and cover photo are critical parts of your hover card. Select images that convey the message you want viewers to know about you: a blank image certainly sends a message!

note: Google Plus appears to be completely silent on Hover Cards, or hovercards: I couldn’t find any reference to hover cards in Help or other G+ sites.

Any more suggestions for updating my G+ hover card?


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