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1,440 Minutes: Content Marketing Strategy

John Lavine, founder, professor, and director of the Media Management Center at Northwestern University, professes there are three essential content strategy truths.

John Lavine’s 3 Truths of Content Strategy:

1.  There is a rapidly rising tidal wave of information and it will continue to rise forever.

2. Everyone you want to reach has 1,440 minutes in their day; not one minute more, and most of that time is already used up with essentials such as eating, sleeping, working spending time with people you care about, etc. That means that there is ferocious competition for people’s precious, limited time.

3.  The world is becoming ever more complicated, but people will give you their time and attention if you give them more of what they want.


content marketing tips

Social selling is serious business: it’s how businesses grow and reach new customers and opportunities. Quality Content positions your business to make an impact. You have a website:

  • Business Blogging is a cost-effective way for your business to get found online.
  • Social Media is an effective tool to promote your brand and build your business.

Content marketers tell your story in ways that engage your audience, and encourage them to take action. Everyone in your target audience only has 1,440 minutes every day: well-designed and executed content marketing moves your audience to spend their time learning your story.

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