the #1 delay in launching a website is CONTENT

#1 Delay in Launching a Website: CONTENT

  • Relevant, Quality Content positions your business to make an impact on your audience.
  • Business Blogging is a cost-effective way for your business to get found online.
  • Social Media is an effective tool to amplify your message, reach new audiences and drive people to your website.

Hiring a website designer to create a new website or update your current site requires creating new content or updating your current content. You know your business better than anyone: that does not mean you’re the best person to write the content for your website.

There are good, valid reasons why you need to hire a content writer to create content for your website:

  1. You’re busy. You’re doing your job, and you don’t have time to write about it.
  2. You’re a great salesperson and business person. But you’re not a good writer.
  3. You’re short-staffed. No one is dedicated to writing for the website, so it just doesn’t get done.
  4. You don’t have a clue what kind of content is supposed to be on a website. You just know everyone says you need one.
  5. You don’t understand SEO, reader-friendly formatting, or keyword strategies; and you don’t want to.

80% of people will read your headlines. But only 20% of those people will read the rest of your content

Good content that your audience wants to read and share is critical for your website.

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