How to Find Someone's LinkedIn Posts

How to Find Someone’s LinkedIn Posts

Social monitoring is an opportunity to listen to online activity to see what people are talking about; while there are great tools available to help you follow phrases, brands and specific users  it’s also easy to  simply search for someone on a specific social media channel.

LinkedIn is a great resource for seeing what your contacts are interested in.

  • prospect’s recent Pulse articles, posts and comments
  • client’s activities – status updates, new photos
  • competitor interactions – new connections, groups they’ve joined

LinkedIn has two options for sorting your newsfeed:

  1. Top Updates: LinkedIn algorithm to sort your feed based on your recent activity
  2. Recent Updates: LinkedIn sorts your feed chronologically

tip: if you can find these, they’re the 3 little dots in the upper right corner above your newsfeed: the dots are a drop-down menu.

How to sort the LinkedIn newsfeed

Often, I need to find a specific person’s recent LinkedIn posts, and I don’t have the time or patience to keep scrolling through, especially since I don’t know when the recent activity occurred. You can see the recent activity of both Connections and members you are not connected to.

3 Easy Steps to See Anyone’s LinkedIn Recent Activity

1.  Search and select that person in the LinkedIn search field

2.  If they ARE a Connection: Select the drop-down menu in the Send a message box

If they are NOT a Connection: Select the drop-down menu next to the Send InMail box

3. Choose View recent activity

How to See Someone's Recent LinkedIn Activity

How to Use Information Someone Has Posted on LinkedIn

  • Ask them about a common interest to start a conversation and relationship
  • Like, Share or Comment on their recent posts
  • Follow them on Pulse
  • Congratulate on a new role or length of service in their current position
  • Join a group they’re a member of
  • Request an introduction to another member

LinkedIn has many great features to help you keep in touch with your contacts and to build new relationships – but they’re not always easy to find!

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