How to Disable Suggested YouTube Videos

Marketing Tip: Stop Suggested YouTube Videos

Videos are a powerful way to attract visitors to your website and keep them there:

Companies using video  attract 41% more visitors to their websiteThe Top 16 Video Marketing Statistics for 2016 
Recently, I was uploading a client’s corporate video to their new website. Their video is hosted on YouTube so I embedded the video on the home page. Looks great, works great… until at the end of my client’s video images of ‘suggested videos’ popped up, featuring a Nazi flag!

What are YouTube Suggested Videos?

When you watch a video on YouTube, at the end of that video you frequently see images and links to other videos that YouTube thinks you might like, including:
  • competitor videos
  • YouTube members who pay to promote their videos
  • previous videos you’ve watched on YouTube

While as a viewer there are steps you can take to clear your YouTube watch history, as a marketer you don’t want a competitor’s video to show up at the end of your video, or for an inappropriate video image to display… such as a Nazi flag!

How To Stop YouTube Suggested Videos

If you embed or link to YouTube videos, here are 2 ways to prevent YouTube from showing suggested videos when your video finishes playing:

  • When you upload a video to YouTube, uncheck the box  “Show suggested videos when the video finishes” before publishing.
  • If you are embedding or linking to already published videos, you can disable suggested videos by adding a snippet of code to the end of the URL:


Here is an example of how to add the code from the University of Michigan Student Life:

How to Stop YouTube Suggested Videos

How Difficult Is It to Add This Code Snippet?

I’m not a programmer or IT wiz, but as a content writer I regularly update my clients’ websites. If you can add a video to a website or social media post, you can easily add this code snippet to the end of the video URL to disable suggested videos. It literally takes seconds, and it solves the problem.

Instead of showing images of suggested videos, at the end of your video it now loops to show your chosen video thumbnail.

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