6 free tools for content writers

6 Free Tools for Content Writers

‘Content Writer’ is an elusive job title, because as a content writer I perform many digital marketing activities for my clients. In addition to designing content strategy and writing website copy, blogs, articles, white papers and press releases, I also:

  • craft social media profiles and write and post to social media accounts
  • manage and update website content
  • create content and social media calendars
  • design SEO and keyword strategies
  • source and design graphics to support content
  • create social media ads

In short, I have my finger in just about everything digital for my clients, not just writing. I rely on tools to make my work more effective and efficient. The tools I use are either free or freemium. For most, when I started my content writing business I used the free version. As my client list grew and my workload grew, I’ve upgraded to the paid version for most of these tools.

A Content Writer’s Top 6 Productivity Tools

The Unofficial Book On HootSuite

1. HootSuite 
HootSuite is a social media scheduling and monitoring tool Pretty much, I live on HootSuite. It’s on my desktop, iPad and iPhone. I don’t use all of HootSuite’s features but I use many of them. Recently, I started using it to schedule posts to Instagram. I need to improve my HootSuite game and use their reports more strategically, when I have time…

tip: When I upgraded from the free to the paid version, I invested in Mike Allton’s HootSuite bible The Unofficial Book On HootSuite, which I highly recommend.

2. Canva 
Canva is a graphic design tool that is easy to use for people who don’t do graphic design. I don’t know Photoshop or Pixlr or any of the other programs professional graphic designers use, but I use Canva daily – typically several times each day – to create professional looking images for websites and social media.

3. Evernote 
I need to store and organize notes, articles and information, then access that information wherever I am. Evernote is an easy to use digital organizer to store info that I need on the go, and the app is on my iPhone and iPad so I can access information anywhere, anytime.

4. DropBox 
I share files and collaborate with my clients. DropBox stores and shares files, photos, videos… just about anything… in the cloud so I don’t need my laptop everywhere I go. Again, the app is on my iPhone and iPad.

5.  Checkli 
Checkli is a simple free checklist maker. I use it to create to-do lists for myself, for my clients, and to create checklists for the blogs I write (readers love checklists!)

6. Grammarly
I’m a huge fan of spelling and grammar checker Grammarly. This free tool reviews your copy as your write – and not only proofreads your word processing program but also proofs social media posts and many website CSMs. Grammarly does NOT automatically correct your copy: it signals you about potential issues, and the user can accept or ignore changes as needed. Grammarly is a freemium tool: pay options include a plagiarism checker and more extensive grammar checkpoints.

Tools are a part of my daily life, just like my laptop and iPhone. I use these tools in my content writing business, but these productivity tools would be useful for any small business owner or entrepreneur.

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