What is the QR Code Setting on Twitter?

What is the QR Code Setting on Twitter?

Are you using the QR Code on Twitter? Of course I know what a QR code is – but who uses them? Apparently Twitter does!

If this is a surprise to you, don’t feel bad: Twitter introduced QR codes in November 2016, so they haven’t been around too long. And gauging from my online research, no one knows why Twitter introduced QR Codes. The popular theory is that Twitter is trying to compete with Snapchat, where users can add new followers via QR code.

The QR Code is only available on Twitter mobile apps.  You to scan a QR code and automatically start following the associated account, and you can create a QR code for your Twitter profile and share it wherever you want.

How to Find Your QR Code Setting   how to use Twitter QR code

1. Select the Settings gear icon in your user profile

2. Select QR code from the popup menu

3. Your QR scanner will appear

4. Use the scanner to scan the QR code you want to follow.

Voila! That’s it.

For detailed instructions on how to use Twitter’s new QR Code to follow and share other users, and to create your own Twitter QR code, see Twitter’s support article on QR codes.

Is Anyone Using Twitter’s QR Code?

Based on the minimal amount of blogs or articles about Twitter’s new QR code feature, after it’s release Twitter QR codes seem to have disappeared from the internet’s radar screen: virtually no one is talking about it.

Snapchat and Twitter’s user demographics are very different. And while all social media channels need to continually monitor the competition for new ways to stay relevant and useful to users, it appears no one is using Twitter’s new feature. It’s smart for Twitter to introduce easier ways to follow – but pressing the Follow button is pretty darn easy. Plus, how many businesses do you see displaying a QR code?

If you’re using Twitter’s QR code let me know – let’s see how long before it quietly disappears from Twitter app settings.

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