NEW! Edit Your LinkedIn Updates

NEW! Edit Your LinkedIn Updates

I’m thrilled to see all the changes LinkedIn has been introducing, most make it easier to use and manage your LinkedIn account. One update announcement I missed and just noticed on my LinkedIn account is the ability to edit and change your LinkedIn updates. Previously if you found an error in your post, you had to just let it go, or delete the update entirely and repost it. With this new feature, LinkedIn joins Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms that let you edit your posts. (Will Twitter let us edit tweets anytime soon?)

How To Edit a LinkedIn Update

1. Go to your update, and find the 3 dots in the corner of your post.

How to edit your LinkedIn updates

2. Press the 3 dots, and select: Edit post

Catherine Russell How to Edit Your LinkedIn Updates

3. Make your edits, then select Save

Catherine Russell How to Edit Your LinkedIn Posts

And voila! your LinkedIn post is now accurate! Note: LinkedIn indicates that a post has been Edited.

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