Social Media Growth Hacks

Social Media Growth Hacks from Neal Schaffer

How to Expand Your New Business Online

Maximize Your Social by Neal Schaffer

I’ve been a fan of Neal Schaffer for a while, follow his Maximize Social Business blog, and have his book Maximize Your Social.

In conjunction with Buzzoole, Neal offered a free webinar on how to use social media to grow your new business. Here are a few key concepts Neal presented on how to optimize social media to grow your business.

What is growth hacking?
Growth hacking is using social media and marketing to find your users and grow your business – the early adopters who will be most passionate about your product. According to Neal, paid social is the easiest way to find your first group of users:

  1. build community
  2. boost engagement and visibility
  3. increase conversions

 5 Social Media Growth Hack Basics from Neal Schaffer

1. Build Social Media Into Your Brand

Design your product or service so that it can be easily be promoted and shared on social media. Give your customers and fans an opportunity to share

2. Focus on 2 Social Media Channels

Start small, do A/B testing, get KPIs, then after achieving success on those two social media channels, branch out from there. How to pick 2 channels? Neal suggests

  • if you’re B2B, LinkedIn
  • if you’re tech B2B, Twitter might be best
  • if you’re B2C, Facebook or Instagram might work better

Be data driven. Until you have the data and know the right things to do, you won’t know which social media channels are best for your brand.

3. Profile v User Account Networks

You must understand how a business account versus a personal account works for your brand, and where you have the most opportunity for organic growth. For example, SnapChat is not open and you can’t see posts unless you’re linked. On Instagram, you can find users to engage with and follow.

4. Create Valuable Shareable Website Content – Blog

Driving people to your website allows you to target markets for your paid social. Blogs are good for Google search and to attract people to your website. Your content should be audience focused, not company focused. Follow the basics: non-branded information that provides a resource to people and builds trust.

Create a valuable lead magnet to bring your audience to you: an event, ebook, giveaway, free consultation or coupon.

Neal’s 9-1-1- rule for content:

9: content of others: advocates, influencers, customers, partners, fans

1: content that adds value, such as a blog

1: promotional content, such as a webinar, giveaway, sale

5. Influencer Marketing

Leverage influencers, fans and employees as a way to create user-generated content:

  • Let a user take-over your account for a week.
  • Write blogs for influencers to share for you.
  • Encourage fans to share

Neal’s Conclusion

Social media is always an experiment. Build it into your product. Come up with a plan, execute it, then you adjust. Figure out your ROIs and do the math:

  • How much do you spend for a lead?
  • How many leads do you need for a conversion?

What’s the future of social? There is a lot more you can be doing to maximize your social! Neal will be publishing an eBook on this topic: follow Neal Schaffer on Twitter: @NealSchaffer 







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