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How to Optimize Your Facebook to Twitter Auto-Posts

As a social media consultant, many of my clients are looking for tips and tricks to simplify and save time managing their own social media. I can make recommendations to manage their social media such as:

  • Use a social media scheduling tool like HootSuite – many are free for small businesses with only have a few social media accounts.
  • Use a WordPress plugin to automatically promote your blog Titles and URLs on your social media channels.
  • Link your Email Service Provider to your social media accounts to automatically share your newsletters to your social media accounts.

Recently a client said they have linked their Facebook page and Twitter accounts to auto-publish their posts to Twitter. Typically their FB post is a short intro and their recent blog post URL, or a short message and a link to an article they think their followers will be interested in. Currently, when they post on Facebook it displays on Twitter as about 100 characters with a link to Facebook that looks like:

My client was not interested in all the reasons they shouldn’t auto-post from Facebook to Twitter: and there are many. They don’t want to change their process, they want to make it better and instead of showing the FB link, show the URL for what they originally posted on Facebook.

Is this possible? YES! There is no question images on Twitter have greater visibility and get more clicks.

Tweets with images get 313% more engagement

~ AdEspresso

How to Optimize Your Facebook to Twitter Auto-Posts to Display a Link and Image 

1. Write your Facebook post using over 50 words (I used 58).

2 . Add the URL you want to share.

3. Once the URL image and link populate, you can delete the URL before you choose Publish.

Original Facebook to Twitter AutoPost

Original FB to Twitter AutoPost #socialmediatips

Optimized Facebook to Twitter AutoPost

Optimized FB to Twitter AutoPost #socialmediatips

Many social media experts say that long Facebook posts get fewer views – 40-60 characters are typically recommended for Facebook posts. However, other opinions stress that posting what your followers want to read is more important than following generic recommendations. To maximize your social media activity, it’s important to experiment and test different posting techniques and find the best social media strategy to optimize your posts and get the best results.

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