Why You Should Google Yourself - Reputation Management Checkup

30 Tools to Monitor Your Online Personal Brand: Reputation Management

Do You Google Yourself? 

Fact: Prior to a meeting or interview, more than 40% of the people with whom you meet will have either:

•  Searched for you using Google or another search engine
•  Reviewed your LinkedIn profile
•  Looked you up on Facebook

~ CBS News 

What’s your story? What do you want people to associate with your name? Who’s in charge of your personal online brand – you, or the search engines?

Personal branding is building and managing your online presence.

Your brand is everything online… it’s your online business card, your digital footprint. The tone, language and authenticity of your brand tells people who you are – and whether they want to do business with you.

Build a Powerful Online Personal Brand 

What are your customers saying about you online? What do your competitors say? What’s being said about you that you don’t know?


Your Name, Your Brand: You Should Google Yourself  

Download my free checklist with 30 free and paid tools for monitoring and managing your online reputation that help you know what’s being said about you online: and clean it up to improve your digital reputation!

Catherine Russell | 30 Tools to Monitor Your Online Personal Brand | hireCatherine

These tools are DIY services to help you monitor and manage your online reputation. If you’ve seen things you don’t like about yourself online and the DIY solutions don’t help solve your problem, there are many companies that provide online reputation management services to review your unique situation and discuss your options to for digital reputation management.

Knowing what’s said online about your personal brand and your company is vital to stay competitive and to troubleshoot a problem before it gets out of hand!

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