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5 Facebook Tips for Small Business

With its strong following and an active user base, Facebook is the most popular social media network in the world, and an effective and cost-efficient platform for small business owners.

Are you getting good results from Facebook marketing? Do you sell directly to consumers? A new study says business-to-consumer (B2C) companies like Facebook and YouTube, while B2B organizations prefer LinkedIn and Twitter. 52% of social media marketers said social media has helped increase revenue and sales for their clients.

The study recommends you share original content to get the most engagement from your audience. The most engaging types of content on Facebook are:

1. written articles – 27 %
2. videos – 26 %
3. images – 24 %

Learn More: Facebook is the Most Popular Social Media Site for B2C Small Businesses, Survey Says

Small business owners can use Facebook to:

  • interact with their customers and prospects
  • grow their business with advertising to a targeted audience
  • promote events and promotions
  • provide customer service

According to the Clutch 2017 Small Business Social Media Survey, only 1 in 4 small businesses use social media, and only half of those post regularly. A business has the option to use a regular personal Facebook profile or a Facebook brand page.

Facebook Page Tips for Small Business Owners

1. Is your Facebook Page cover photo optimized?
Facebook uses the copy in image descriptions to find information users enter in Facebook Search:
After you upload and save a new Facebook page cover photo, click on the new cover photo and you’ll get a post box where you can add a description using your keywords: see my Page cover photo description below.

Visitors can click on your cover photo! Use your cover photo to provide useful information, CTAs and strategic messaging:

  • services and contact information
  • a special offer or promotion
  • contests
  • links to a website or other external sites

 Facebook page cover photo optimization

2. Are your Facebook Page and Instagram account linked? 
Changing your Instagram account to a business account (DYK: Facebook now owns Instagram) then linking them has several advantages that can save you time, including:

  • boost post views and engagement on both Facebook and Instagram
  • post your Instagram pictures directly to Facebook
  • analytics on post engagement
  • ability to promote post
  • manage Instagram post comments from Facebook
  • manage Instagram ads from Facebook
  • your Instagram post details (including captions) will be shared to Facebook, complete with any location data, hashtags, and emojis you’ve added, saved in their own album, titled Instagram photos

Learn More: How to Link Facebook To Instagram 

3. Does your Facebook Page show video?
Facebook has sloooowly been rolling out video cover photos. To find out if you’ve got access to video covers, head over to your Facebook page, hover over the cover image and click on the Change Cover button drop-down down menu should have the option to “Choose From Videos” or “Upload Photo/Video” if you do have the ability.

Video gets more views – and Facebook is giving preference to videos. Want to learn more about adding a video cover photo to your Facebook page? Read this article: How to Set Up a Creative Facebook Cover Video 

4. Have you seen Facebook Stories? 
Facebook started rolling out Stories in other countries and viewers weren’t interested, so they changed their tactics: You can now share IG Stories to Facebook, as Facebook Stories! (Confused yet?)

I just saw my 1st one yesterday on my laptop, so it’s arrived! Like Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories last only 24 hours. This again demonstrates video is all-important to Facebook.

Here’s an article that explains it in more detail: No one is using Facebook stories, so Facebook is borrowing Instagram’s 

5. Facebook Page Search Tip
Have you ever scrolled back through your own Facebook Page feed, searching for a post or comment you or someone else made? Facebook Pages have a Search field. On some Page types, the Search field shows by default at the top of the right column. If your preferred theme does not display Search, you can still search your Facebook Page posts:

  • go to your Page Home screen
  • in the Sections menu at the far left, choose Posts
  • Voila! A Search field will now display at the top of your right column.

My Facebook Page type does not default with a Search field. Here’s a screenshot of my Page after I followed the steps above:

Facebook Page Search Tip

Facebook is a powerful platform to grow your business. If you’re going to be on Facebook, it’s worth the time investment to learn how to optimize your time and money investment in Facebook marketing so you get the best results.


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