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Catherine Russell content freelance writer and social media strategist

I deliver content writing and social media marketing solutions to small businesses, nonprofits, entrepreneurs and authors that build relationships with their online audience using engaging website content, informative blog posts, and strategic social media marketing.

You want to grow your business: to increase sales and improve customer relationships. You know your business better than anyone. There are good, valid reasons why you need to hire a freelance writer to talk for you:

• You’re busy. You’re doing your job, and you don’t have time for social media.
• You’re a great salesperson and businessperson. But you’re not a good writer.
• You’re short-staffed. No one is dedicated to writing blogs or sending emails newsletters, so it just doesn’t get done.
• You don’t have a clue what’s supposed to be on a blog. You just know everyone says you need one.
• You know you should be on social media. But you’re not sure which social networks to choose or what to post.

My Specialties:
• content writing to build online visibility, create social media marketing campaigns and engage your audience
• content marketing and social media that converts visitors to customers
• nonprofit communications and marketing
• social media marketing for authors and entrepreneurs
• social selling strategies and building an online audience for small business
• personal branding strategies to build and manage your online presence
• I lived and worked abroad for 8 years and have a global clientele and international marketing expertise

FYIs @ Catherine
• owned by Mignette
• Notre Dame undergrad, MBA Western Connecticut
• native American English speaker, I also speak French: un peau, and German: ein bißchen
• tall skim Chai Latte: extra pump, extra water, extra hot – with a straw
• 24/7/365: just trying to keep up
• #alwayslearning

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