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5 minute social media profile audit

Social Media Audit: 5 Easy Updates to Your Social Media Profiles

Your social media profiles represent your personal brand: they’re your first impression in online networking. Just as your business card needs to be updated occasionally, your social media profiles need to be reviewed and updated to keep pace with changes to social networks and with changes to your business.

You only get one chance to make a first impression.

Personal branding allows you to build and control your online image: starting with your social media presence.

5 Minute Social Media Branding Audit:

1.  Optimize Your Headlines

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Automated Posts v Scheduled Posts: There's a Difference

Automated Posts v Scheduled Posts: There’s a Difference

How To Schedule Social Media Posts

this article first appeared on LinkedIn

Social media experts say your social media posts must be authentic, in real time, and personal. Yet, many tools exist to help you plan and schedule your social media shares and posts. Social media is a critical marketing tool for businesses. Social media can broaden your reach and find your ideal audience to attract them to your business. Smart social media tools help you run your business efficiently, and maximize your resources. Social media scheduling tools can share your message efficiently and at a reasonable cost.

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Content Marketing for Lawyers

Why Lawyers Need a Content Marketing Strategy

Publishing articles in legal journals is a strategy many attorneys use to demonstrate their expertise and build their legal profile with colleagues. Many law firms and attorneys use advertising and public relations to market their services and promote their business. Content marketing is a smart strategy for lawyers and law firms to increase their online visibility and establish themselves as SME: Subject Matter Expert.

Content marketing is storytelling: today’s consumers don’t want you to tell, they want you to show.

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6 social media must-dos for artists

6 Must-Do Social Media Marketing Tips for Artists

Social media marketing is an inexpensive and effective way for artists to showcase, promote and sell their artwork and reach new audiences. The social media platforms keep growing… once dominated by Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, today artists use many social channels to promote their art including Pinterest, Instagram, Google +, and SnapChat. If you’re a painter, photographer, writer, playwright, musician, fashion designer or any other artistic field, social media is an ideal opportunity to promote and sell your work.

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Content Martketing tips

1,440 Minutes: Content Marketing Strategy

John Lavine, founder, professor, and director of the Media Management Center at Northwestern University, professes there are three essential content strategy truths.

John Lavine’s 3 Truths of Content Strategy:

1.  There is a rapidly rising tidal wave of information and it will continue to rise forever.

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Social Media Tips for Authors

7 Strategic Social Media Marketing Tips for Authors

Selling books is hard work: whether you’re a self-published author, or have the power and resources of an established publishing house promoting your book, every author needs to understand the power of social media to sell books. Social media is free; but too many authors don’t understand the cost to designing and executing a social media campaign: time and thought.

A well-designed social media marketing strategy is key to gaining online visibility, building your fan base and increasing your book sales. Whether you’re a savvy social media pro or new to social networking and selling, following are strategic social media tips every author can use.

Social Media Marketing Tips for Authors

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stretch skills can grown your freelance business

Stretch Skills: How to Grow Your Freelance Writing Business

Freelancer’s can spend nearly almost as much time marketing themselves and running their business as they do performing their work. Freelance writing is a highly competitive field:

  • many writers choose their freelance careers for the flexibility and control
  • some writers freelance by default: they were laid off their corporate job, or suffered another sort of career derailment
  • many PR agencies are now  promoting their content writing services

How can a freelance writer compete? In addition to delivering quality content on time and on budget, I’ve found one of the best ways for a freelance writer to stay competitive and attract new clients is to develop stretch skills.

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Never use a long word where a short one will do. ~ George Orwell

5 Tips for Effective Content Marketing

George Orwell writing quote

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Verizon buys AOL

Verizon to AOL: You’ve Got Mail

I stay loyal to my AOL email address – it was high tech back in the 90s, and when we lived in Europe I could access my email account from virtually and hotel room in any country (for a price, bien  sur!) With the same email address despite over a dozen moves in 20 years, my friends around the globe can always find me on AOL.

A quick poll of my online community reveals I am one of the few who thinks Verizon demonstrated pure genius in acquiring AOL. While I am by no means a financial whiz or stock market guru, I recognize a smart buy! For years I’ve been mocked that my personal email address ends in, but AOL was a pioneer and they’re still in the game after many have fallen.

Why Verizon was Smart to Buy AOL

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What's the best time to share content on social media and emails

Are You Asking: What’s The Best Time to Post on Social Media?

If you’re an online entrepreneur, a content marketer, a small business, a book author, a PR firm, an SEO agency or pretty much any one else who posts and shares content online, at least once per week you ask yourself:

What’s the best time to share content?

As content writer and social media marketer, and a full-time iPad and iPhone addict who is online 24/7/365 scanning content, the answer is simple:

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