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6 free tools for content writers

6 Free Tools for Content Writers

‘Content Writer’ is an elusive job title, because as a content writer I perform many digital marketing activities for my clients. In addition to designing content strategy and writing website copy, blogs, articles, white papers and press releases, I also:

  • craft social media profiles and write and post to social media accounts
  • manage and update website content
  • create content and social media calendars
  • design SEO and keyword strategies
  • source and design graphics to support content
  • create social media ads

In short, I have my finger in just about everything digital for my clients, not just writing. I rely on tools to make my work more effective and efficient. The tools I use are either free or freemium. For most, when I started my content writing business I used the free version. As my client list grew and my workload grew, I’ve upgraded to the paid version for most of these tools.

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the #1 delay in launching a website is CONTENT

#1 Delay in Launching a Website: CONTENT

According to many website developers, the #1 hold-up in launching a website is the content.

Your website is the biggest tool in your digital profile. Creating content for your website is serious business: it’s how your business can grow and reach new customers and opportunities.

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stretch skills can grown your freelance business

Stretch Skills: How to Grow Your Freelance Writing Business

Freelancer’s can spend nearly almost as much time marketing themselves and running their business as they do performing their work. Freelance writing is a highly competitive field:

  • many writers choose their freelance careers for the flexibility and control
  • some writers freelance by default: they were laid off their corporate job, or suffered another sort of career derailment
  • many PR agencies are now  promoting their content writing services

How can a freelance writer compete? In addition to delivering quality content on time and on budget, I’ve found one of the best ways for a freelance writer to stay competitive and attract new clients is to develop stretch skills.

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dictate emails and texts to improve productivity

End Blackberry Jam: You CAN Text and Walk


Blackberry Jam (aka Crackberry Jam):
A people traffic jam on sidewalks that is caused by inconsiderate workaholics walking too slow
while their noses are glued to their Blackberry.
note: applies to iPhone users too!
You can text or email while walking without running into people or falling off a cliff. How? Most smart phones have a dictation feature that allows you to speak your message, then sends your message as a text or email. I use an iPhone, and here’s how I send texts and emails while I’m walking around the city, but want to be productive.

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2 ways to UNsend emails

It’s not too late: UNsend that email!

Have you experienced that dreaded feeling the minute you hit ‘send’? Maybe you just remembered a critical fact, accidentally copied the wrong person or realized venting on email may not be a good decision – but it’s too late – your email has been sent!

I have great news: I’ts not too late, you can UNsend your email.

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writers block

Repurpose Your Content for a New Audience

As a freelance content writer some of my clients also have me repurpose ‘old’ content for new channels. Many of the blogs I write for clients can be repurposed: modified and adapted and rewritten into fresh original content. Read more…

Bing search for Starbucks

Bing Search for Starbucks

As a freelance writer I spend much of my day online searching on topics in which I have no personal interest:

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testimonials references and referrals for freelancers

Client Testimonials, References, and Recommendations for Freelancers

Positive client recommendations are vital to any small business. As a freelance writer, my main methods of promoting my services and getting new clients are:

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