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1,440 Minutes: Content Marketing Strategy

John Lavine, founder, professor, and director of the Media Management Center at Northwestern University, professes there are three essential content strategy truths.

John Lavine’s 3 Truths of Content Strategy:

1.  There is a rapidly rising tidal wave of information and it will continue to rise forever.

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Social Media Tips for Authors

7 Strategic Social Media Marketing Tips for Authors

Selling books is hard work: whether you’re a self-published author, or have the power and resources of an established publishing house promoting your book, every author needs to understand the power of social media to sell books. Social media is free; but too many authors don’t understand the cost to designing and executing a social media campaign: time and thought.

A well-designed social media marketing strategy is key to gaining online visibility, building your fan base and increasing your book sales. Whether you’re a savvy social media pro or new to social networking and selling, following are strategic social media tips every author can use.

Social Media Marketing Tips for Authors

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Never use a long word where a short one will do. ~ George Orwell

5 Tips for Effective Content Marketing

George Orwell writing quote

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Verizon buys AOL

Verizon to AOL: You’ve Got Mail

I stay loyal to my AOL email address – it was high tech back in the 90s, and when we lived in Europe I could access my email account from virtually and hotel room in any country (for a price, bien  sur!) With the same email address despite over a dozen moves in 20 years, my friends around the globe can always find me on AOL.

A quick poll of my online community reveals I am one of the few who thinks Verizon demonstrated pure genius in acquiring AOL. While I am by no means a financial whiz or stock market guru, I recognize a smart buy! For years I’ve been mocked that my personal email address ends in, but AOL was a pioneer and they’re still in the game after many have fallen.

Why Verizon was Smart to Buy AOL

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What's the best time to share content on social media and emails

Are You Asking: What’s The Best Time to Post on Social Media?

If you’re an online entrepreneur, a content marketer, a small business, a book author, a PR firm, an SEO agency or pretty much any one else who posts and shares content online, at least once per week you ask yourself:

What’s the best time to share content?

As content writer and social media marketer, and a full-time iPad and iPhone addict who is online 24/7/365 scanning content, the answer is simple:

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Book Review: The Art of Social Media by Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick

Book Review: The Art of Social Media

I received an advance copy of The Art of Social Media in November, quickly read the eBook, and intended to write a review immediately. Three months later, I’m finally writing the review.

Why the delay? Because as I approached the end of the book, Guy and Peg included a case study using a nonfiction book launch as an example. As I had two clients who were releasing their nonfiction books in the next few weeks, I quickly stole adapted their launch scenario for my clients, and got to work!

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create a facebook call to action

Create Call-to-Action: New Facebook Pages Feature

I’ve read about Facebook’s new call-to-action feature, but haven’t seen it on my Facebook Page nor any of my clients’ Pages. Today the call-to-action button debuted on my Page, although its still not on any of my client’s Pages.

create call-to-action button on FacebookCall-to-Action allows you to add a button to your Page that takes visitors directly to your website or app.  There are 7 calls to action button options:

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Holiday Marketing Tips from @TwitterSmallBiz

Holiday Marketing Stats from @TwitterSmallBiz

Today I attended a webinar sponsored by Twitter and HubSpot: 5 Simple Ways to Grow Followers and Generate Leads for This Holiday Season.

 8 holiday online marketing facts

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NeFacebook Page Admin Like DropDown Menu

New Facebook Feature for Page Admins: Like As Drop-Down Menu

I woke up this morning to an exciting new feature for Facebook Page Administrators: a Liking and Commenting As drop-down menu!

I manage the Facebook page for many of my clients. Previously, I had to be sure to Like or Comment from the correct page: or the Page would be Liking themselves!

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Optimize Your Hover Card

How to Optimize Your Google Plus Hover Cards

If you’re on Google Plus its critical to strategically complete your G+ About information.

Your image is the first thing viewers see on your Google Plus page. Whether you have a G+ personal profile or a G+ business page the information you enter in the About sections of your profile are critical information that is shown to viewers. Your Google Plus Hover Card is the image that pops-up when a user arrows over your name on a G+ post. When someone is looking at your hover card, they can see how many followers you have in common and have the option to follow you right from your hover card!

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