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what does ping me mean?

Ping Me! Do you wonder where that phrase comes from?

Recently an online colleague requested: Ping Me when that post is live!

Do you know what it means to ping someone?

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content marketing buzzwords

5 Words Content Marketers Need to Retire

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Content marketers struggle to find words that will capture the attention of an audience with a notoriously short attention span, and get readers to take action. Writing social media headlines that deliver a memorable message in very few words means every word has to be carefully chosen. Once a word proves to deliver attention and action, that word is used over and over again. And re-used, recycled and repeated.

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writers block

Repurpose Your Content for a New Audience

As a freelance content writer some of my clients also have me repurpose ‘old’ content for new channels. Many of the blogs I write for clients can be repurposed: modified and adapted and rewritten into fresh original content. Read more…

Debating A Customer Newsletter? Pros and Cons

Debating A Customer Newsletter? Pros and Cons

Does anyone read newsletters anymore? Does the time – and money – spent writing a customer newsletter result in increased sales, happier customers, or new clients?

I haven’t written, printed and mailed a newsletter for clients for a long time – a very long time. But I do write and share e-newsletters for hireCatherine clients. Read more…

Bi-Annual and Semi-Annual: Do You Know the Difference?

Bi-Annual and Semi-Annual: Do You Know the Difference?

Ask 5 well-educated native English speakers, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you get 5 different answers:

What’s the difference between bi-annual and semi-annual? Read more…

The Dilemna Dilemma

The Dilemna Dilemma

I just finished writing a blog post, and as part of the process naturally ran it through spell check and grammar check (I wrote it in WordPress, so I used Grammarly Lite: I’m a HUGE fan!)

I used the word dilemna three times in the post: and got three error messages. So instead of Read more…

Celebrating the Holidays with Social Media

Celebrating Holidays with Social Media

Do you wish that title read: Celebrating Holidays Without Social Media?

As my son would say, then you’re clearly over 40! Because social media is here to stay, and it’s a constant with us, even more-so if you have kids. My opinion: if you have kids, it’s your responsibility to be familiar and current on social media trends and issues. Why?

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The Warning Label Book

Content Writing: Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say

Writing tips and advice come across my desk daily, some from organizations and groups I subscribe to, but many unsolicited. A recurrent theme is the need for clear, accurate, concise writing. It’s so difficult to be an effective business communicator that many companies turn to professionals. Read more…

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