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How to Post a Facebook Video on Instagram | Catherine Russell | HireCatherine

How to Post a Facebook Video on Instagram

Users love video – but unless you have good movie making skills, creating videos can be time-consuming and expensive. I frequently make and post videos on my clients’ Facebook Pages. I use Facebook to create fast and easy videos to share on Facebook, using photos they already have or graphics I can easily create. You can upload videos to Facebook, but I find that slideshows – a series of images that tell a story and automatically play as an mp4 video – are an inexpensive way to create the holy grail of Facebook marketing, videos!

How To Make A Facebook Slideshow:

1. Go to your Facebook Page post field

Note: Slideshow videos can also be created in Facebook Create Ads 

2. Click on Share a Photo or Video

Facebook Post | Slideshow

3. In the menu, choose Create a Slideshow 

4. Select the Settings for your slideshow:

  • Aspect Ratio
  • Image Duration
  • Transition

Facebook Slideshow Settings

5. Select the Music for your slideshow (optional)

6. Add 3-10 images for your slideshow

Note: I create my images in Canva, and often select 1:1 so the video can also be played and easily seen on Instagram

7. Drag the images to the order you want them to display

8. Click Create Slideshow. Within 2 minutes your slideshow will be published on your Page.

Optimize Your Facebook Slideshow: 

9. Add a Description to your Post

10. Add a video Title using keywords that will help users find your video (optional)

  • Choose subject Tags that users can enter into Facebook Search to find posts on your subject (optional)
  • Add Captions (optional)
  • Add a custom cover slide (optional)

 Optimize your Facebook Slideshow

 Here is a Facebook slideshow I made for my own Facebook page:

Note: I create my checklists in Checkli, a content marketing tool for publishers and bloggers to make, share and manage checklists.

How to Post a Facebook Video on Instagram

Once you’ve made your Facebook slideshow, you’ll want to share it on Instagram too. You can download your Facebook videos, including slideshows, then share them on Instagram:

1. Select Videos from you Page left sidebar menu

2. Click on the video you want to edit

3. Select Download a Video from the upper right-hand corner drop-down menu

how to download a Facebook video

4. Upload the mp4 video to Instagram, a blog post, YouTube or other social platform for sharing video content.

How Can I Use Facebook Slideshows?

Video is content marketing gold, and Facebook post reach is declining. Facebook knows users like video, and give videos more exposure in the newsfeed of your followers, plus when you optimize your Facebook video slideshow other users can easily find your content and grow your business. Facebook slideshows videos are a fast, easy and inexpensive content marketing strategy to get more eyeballs on your posts, and you can reuse them on other platforms to get more reach:

  • Share on Instagram
  • Upload to your YouTube channel
  • Embed in a blog post
  • Create a Facebook ad

Who Can Use Facebook Slideshows?

Facebooks video slideshows are easy to make – perfect for DIY digital marketing! Showcase your product, your service, a cause or your skills with photos and graphics that tell your story. Add a CTA in your post Description with a link to your website or landing page.

  • Authors: introduce your new book
  • Artists: share your latest exhibit or artwork
  • Realtors: virtual tour of a home for sale
  • Nonprofits: tell the story behind your cause or promote an upcoming event
  • Small Business Owners: feature a product or service
  • Accountants: provide tax tips
  • Lawyers: post your expertise and contact information
  • Interior Designers: feature a room transformation
  • Consultants and Freelancers: highlight your services or demonstrate a skill
  • Travel Agents and Tour Guides: showcase a destination

Facebook Business has some great ideas on how to use a slideshow to market your business or service.




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