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5 Facebook Tips for Small Business

With its strong following and an active user base, Facebook is the most popular social media network in the world, and an effective and cost-efficient platform for small business owners.

Are you getting good results from Facebook marketing? Do you sell directly to consumers? A new study says business-to-consumer (B2C) companies like Facebook and YouTube, while B2B organizations prefer LinkedIn and Twitter. 52% of social media marketers said social media has helped increase revenue and sales for their clients.

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How to Optimize Your Facebook to Twitter Auto-Posts - social media tips

How to Optimize Your Facebook to Twitter Auto-Posts

As a social media consultant, many of my clients are looking for tips and tricks to simplify and save time managing their own social media. I can make recommendations to manage their social media such as:

  • Use a social media scheduling tool like HootSuite – many are free for small businesses with only have a few social media accounts.
  • Use a WordPress plugin to automatically promote your blog Titles and URLs on your social media channels.
  • Link your Email Service Provider to your social media accounts to automatically share your newsletters to your social media accounts.

Recently a client said they have linked their Facebook page and Twitter accounts to auto-publish their posts to Twitter. Typically their FB post is a short intro and their recent blog post URL, or a short message and a link to an article they think their followers will be interested in. Currently, when they post on Facebook it displays on Twitter as about 100 characters with a link to Facebook that looks like:

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create a facebook call to action

Create Call-to-Action: New Facebook Pages Feature

I’ve read about Facebook’s new call-to-action feature, but haven’t seen it on my Facebook Page nor any of my clients’ Pages. Today the call-to-action button debuted on my Page, although its still not on any of my client’s Pages.

create call-to-action button on FacebookCall-to-Action allows you to add a button to your Page that takes visitors directly to your website or app.  There are 7 calls to action button options:

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NeFacebook Page Admin Like DropDown Menu

New Facebook Feature for Page Admins: Like As Drop-Down Menu

I woke up this morning to an exciting new feature for Facebook Page Administrators: a Liking and Commenting As drop-down menu!

I manage the Facebook page for many of my clients. Previously, I had to be sure to Like or Comment from the correct page: or the Page would be Liking themselves!

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how to schedule posts on Facebook

Facebook is changing how you schedule posts

I manage Facebook posts for many of my clients, and in the last hour there’s been a change in how you pre-schedule Facebook page posts. I haven’t seen this on all my clients, but one client in Canada has the new Facebook post scheduling feature.

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