What’s Digital Marketing?

As a marketing professional, I get that question a lot. But as a business owner, how do you explain such an important part of growing your business without sounding, well like a Spammer? The person who puts all those Facebook ads and popups in their feeds?The real answer: It’s not as important what digital marketing is: the real issue is why you’re an online marketer.


5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs Digital Marketing

1. Your Competitors are Online
The competition is online, and they’re going to be able to reach your customers before you do.

2. Personal Branding and Reputation Management
Google yourself. Online marketing gives you control over whats online about you and your business.
3. Your Customers and Prospects Are Online
People of all ages, incomes and incomes use search engines and social media.
4. Cost Effective
Digital marketing is more cost-effective than traditional marketing: you can reach more people for less money than with print, TV or radio ads.
5. Online Visibility and Rank on Search Engines
9 out of 10 shoppers research online before they buy. Posting good information and quality content helps search engines find and include you in their search results.

There are close to five billion Google searches a day and over one billion active Facebook users.

The question isn’t what’s a digital marketer: the real question is:


Why aren’t you a digital marketer?

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