6 free tools for content writers

6 Free Tools for Content Writers

‘Content Writer’ is an elusive job title, because as a content writer I perform many digital marketing activities for my clients. In addition to designing content strategy and writing website copy, blogs, articles, white papers and press releases, I also:

  • craft social media profiles and write and post to social media accounts
  • manage and update website content
  • create content and social media calendars
  • design SEO and keyword strategies
  • source and design graphics to support content
  • create social media ads

In short, I have my finger in just about everything digital for my clients, not just writing. I rely on tools to make my work more effective and efficient. The tools I use are either free or freemium. For most, when I started my content writing business I used the free version. As my client list grew and my workload grew, I’ve upgraded to the paid version for most of these tools.

A Content Writer’s Top 6 Productivity Tools

The Unofficial Book On HootSuite

1. HootSuite 
HootSuite is a social media scheduling and monitoring tool Pretty much, I live on HootSuite. It’s on my desktop, iPad and iPhone. I don’t use all of HootSuite’s features but I use many of them. Recently, I started using it to schedule posts to Instagram. I need to improve my HootSuite game and use their reports more strategically, when I have time…

tip: When I upgraded from the free to the paid version, I invested in Mike Allton’s HootSuite bible The Unofficial Book On HootSuite, which I highly recommend.

2. Canva 
Canva is a graphic design tool that is easy to use for people who don’t do graphic design. I don’t know Photoshop or Pixlr or any of the other programs professional graphic designers use, but I use Canva daily – typically several times each day – to create professional looking images for websites and social media.

3. Evernote 
I need to store and organize notes, articles and information, then access that information wherever I am. Evernote is an easy to use digital organizer to store info that I need on the go, and the app is on my iPhone and iPad so I can access information anywhere, anytime.

4. DropBox 
I share files and collaborate with my clients. DropBox stores and shares files, photos, videos… just about anything… in the cloud so I don’t need my laptop everywhere I go. Again, the app is on my iPhone and iPad.

5.  Checkli 
Checkli is a simple free checklist maker. I use it to create to-do lists for myself, for my clients, and to create checklists for the blogs I write (readers love checklists!)

6. Grammarly
I’m a huge fan of spelling and grammar checker Grammarly. This free tool reviews your copy as your write – and not only proofreads your word processing program but also proofs social media posts and many website CSMs. Grammarly does NOT automatically correct your copy: it signals you about potential issues, and the user can accept or ignore changes as needed. Grammarly is a freemium tool: pay options include a plagiarism checker and more extensive grammar checkpoints.

Tools are a part of my daily life, just like my laptop and iPhone. I use these tools in my content writing business, but these productivity tools would be useful for any small business owner or entrepreneur.

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5 Benefits to Using Hashtags on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Is Using #Hashtags… Again

LinkedIn has been remarkably free of hashtags… until now!

A few weeks ago LinkedIn Pulse updated their formatting and posting template, and along with that update tags disappeared, and hashtags reappeared!

LinkedIn Pulse Updated Post Template  Encourages Hashtags

LinkededIn announced the return of hashtags on August 25, 2016:  Read more…

How to Disable Suggested YouTube Videos

Marketing Tip: Stop Suggested YouTube Videos

Videos are a powerful way to attract visitors to your website and keep them there:

Companies using video  attract 41% more visitors to their websiteThe Top 16 Video Marketing Statistics for 2016 
Recently, I was uploading a client’s corporate video to their new website. Their video is hosted on YouTube so I embedded the video on the home page. Looks great, works great… until at the end of my client’s video images of ‘suggested videos’ popped up, featuring a Nazi flag!

What are YouTube Suggested Videos? Read more…

How to Find Someone's LinkedIn Posts

How to Find Someone’s LinkedIn Posts

Social monitoring is an opportunity to listen to online activity to see what people are talking about; while there are great tools available to help you follow phrases, brands and specific users  it’s also easy to  simply search for someone on a specific social media channel.

LinkedIn is a great resource for seeing what your contacts are interested in.

  • prospect’s recent Pulse articles, posts and comments
  • client’s activities – status updates, new photos
  • competitor interactions – new connections, groups they’ve joined

LinkedIn has two options for sorting your newsfeed: Read more…

the #1 delay in launching a website is CONTENT

#1 Delay in Launching a Website: CONTENT

According to many website developers, the #1 hold-up in launching a website is the content.

Your website is the biggest tool in your digital profile. Creating content for your website is serious business: it’s how your business can grow and reach new customers and opportunities.

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How to Optimize Your Blog Post #ContentMarketing

Blogging 101: Optimize Your Blog Post

What’s the point of having a blog if no one can find it?

Small business owners and entrepreneurs are continuously told: you need a blog. Businesses need to market their services, and a blog is an effective and cost-efficient way to bring more visitors to your website. Your business blog should deliver :

• useful information
• told in a readable style
• that provides relevant information about your product, industry or services

Why have your business online if no one can find it?

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How to Pin to Facebook and Twitter

Pin to Facebook and Twitter #SocialMediaHacks

Pinning Isn’t Just for Pinterest: How to Pin on Facebook and Twitter

What’s the 1st thing someone sees when they visit your Twitter or Facebook page:

  • greetings to a new Twitter follower?
  • post from a spammy Facebook visitor?
  • your latest political or The Voice rant?

What is the first thing you want new visitors to see on your Facebook or Twitter page?

There are 5 strategic locations to optimize your business Facebook and Twitter pages:

Read more…

What Social Media Sites are 18 Year Old's Using- And Why-

What Social Media Sites Do 18 Year Old Girls Use? And Why?

Instead of reading the latest articles to keep track of what social media sites teens are using, I conducted my own informal survey. I took my 18-year-old college freshman niece and her roommate to lunch and asked them:

What social media sites do you use, and why?

At age 18, these girls are the end of the millennial generation, and a prime target for marketers. Here’s what they said:

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Quora Question- What should I blog about? Know your target audience

What Should I Blog About?

I recently answered the following question on Quora:

What kind of content should be your first blog posts on a new site?

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5 Google #DYKs to Improve Your Content Marketing (infographic)

What’s the point of having a website if no one can find it?

Optimizing your website content helps people and websites find your website. Never write your content for search engines: your online content should be useful to people, and not written just to rank higher.

Read more…

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