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Content Writer

Catherine Russell Content Writer

You want to grow your business: to increase sales and improve customer relationships. Content Writing using SEO strategies will help your content get found by people and search engines.

Content Manager

Catherine Russell freelance content writer and content manager

Quality content positions your business to make an impact. Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing are effective tools to promote your brand and build your business.

Business Blogger


You have a website: Business Blogging is a cost-effective way for your business to get found online. Promoting your blog using SEO content strategies will help your blog get found by people and search engines. 

Why You Need to Hire a Content Writer

You’re busy

You’re doing your job, and you don’t have time for blogging and social media.

You're not a good writer

You’re a great salesperson and businessperson. But you’re not a good writer.

You’re short-staffed

No one is dedicated to writing blogs or sending newsletters, so it just doesn’t get done.

You don't know what to blog about

You don’t have a clue what’s supposed to be on a blog. You just know everyone says you need one.

Your website needs to be updated or redesigned

Your website is out of date and doesn't meet your needs anymore. It may need a simple update, or a whole new website.

You need someone to manage all your digital content

You have a website, a blog, social media sites, LinkedIn and more... someone needs to develop a strategy.

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I will become part of your team, and help solve your content problems so you can focus on growing your business and reaching your company's goals. 

Content Marketing Consultant for Small Businesses

I am a content writer: strategy, copy writing, business blogger, social media strategist, content marketing and personal branding

I work with entrepreneurs, small business owners, nonprofits and solopreneurs to increase their online visibility and provide digital marketing solutions and strategies. 



Toma Clark Haines, Founder and CEO

As a consultant since 2008 Russell’s advice has skyrocketed my small business towards success. Mentions in major media outlets such as the New York Times, the Washington Post and Travel + Leisure have come by my use of social media methods as instructed by my maven. (more)
The Antiques Diva & Co

Evelyn Ackah, Founder and Managing Lawyer

I have been working with the talented and incredibly professional Catherine Russell for more than a year and she has made a significant impact on my web presence and my business. As a busy professional running a lawyer running a law firm, having Catherine on our team as a Content Writer and Blogger and SEO advisor has been invaluable. She has an incredible work ethic and is creative and thoughtful. I am so grateful that another colleague connected me to Catherine and I enthusiastically recommend and endorse her for her outstanding skills, her enthusiasm for what she does and her commitment and loyalty to helping her clients succeed!

Ackah Business Immigration Law 

Andrea Holwegner, CEO

Catherine is one of the most competent, hard-working women I know. She is a "doer." She is one of the most reliable, trustworthy people I have ever worked with. She is an astute listener of her clients needs and continually delivers outstanding value. One of the things I respect and value about Catherine the most is that she has an intuitive ability to see what needs to be done without ever being asked. She often also brings innovative ideas to me that I wouldn't even know to ask about. Catherine works efficiently and offers insightful direct and straightforward advice. She is a problem solver and takes the lead on any challenge put her way. She is a life-long learner and constantly seeks out new skills and improved ways of doing things. I also appreciate that despite getting down to business, she also likes to have fun along the way!

Health Stand Nutrition Inc.

Kathryn Kolaczek, CEO

Catherine was essential to the development and execution of my last project. She offered expert leadership and advice and was diligent about mitigating any potential risks. I would definitely recommend Catherine and I hope to work with her again in the future.
Alchemy Communications Inc.

Scott Osantowski, President

She is very personable, always on time and not only possesses high integrity, but an uncanny ability to immerse herself into an unfamiliar industry and emerge as almost an expert! (more)
Security Dynamics Corp.

Lisa Kelly, Author

Catherine helped me edit my first book, "Echoes From the End Zone: The Men We Became," as well as help me to promote it and get it in front of the right people. Catherine's expertise in content editing and book marketing gave me the edge that I needed to succeed in a crowded publishing market. I will definitely use her services again as well as recommend her to others.

The Men We Became ND